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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Hello there!

I'm Chappie and I want the world to know my art well not really the world!
I like to draw and paint, it's my life. I started to draw when I was tree years old (pretty young i think). But when I started i couldn't stop drawing I started to like it a lot. Now when I'm 16 years old, people (friends, family and classmates) ask me to draw and paint and sometimes they ask me to do there or to finish there art homework(it's not funny when they ask so much).

Before I start to talk about other things, many think I'm from Sweden but I'm not Swedish I only live in Sweden and I moved to Sweden when I was pretty young (it is almost 10 years ago), well I lived in the Nederlands about six years and then I moved to Sweden. Many thinks it is funny that I still can talk dutch well I think it is not that funny, but both my parents are from the Nederlands so it is not the weird that I still can dutch.

Before I forget to tell, I just started Tumblr but the page isn't done yet! I want to show my art there to, but I got one little problem I don't know how tumblr works yet but I will figure it out how it works!

Welcome to my DArt page or welcome back !!!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ( ^v^)/)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~( )- - -) /~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Sketch on a New Prodject by ChappieLove98
Sketch on a New Prodject
Hii guys!Chica has Gone Insane (Chat Icon) 
This is a project that I am doing for my friend and no person may take this or change or use it without permission!Chica Saw What You Did There (Chat Icon) 
I hope u guys like the ruff sketch!Ohai Guise (Chat Icon) 
Happy Valentine's Day! by ChappieLove98
Happy Valentine's Day!
Hey guys!Chica has Gone Insane (Chat Icon) 

I know this is so late to post this up, but oh well... Chica is a Boss (Chat Icon) 

But yeah I really wanted to finish it in time but then I start with other things and then I forget to finish something that should be done! Freddy Laughing Chat Icon 

It is typical me who forget stuff that i want to finish! Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon 
I can sometimes get so mad at myself, like I know that I wanted to finish it on time but --> Freddy's Nope Chat Icon , I feel so stupid because I plan stuff and yet I forget! Fail Freddy Facepalm Chat Icon 

So yeah, I still that u guys had a awesome Valentines Day! Chica's Eybrows V.2 (Chat Icon) 

My Valentines Day was a bit lonely because u know when ur singel u just sitt there and see all the people u love have someone(I'm talking about my friends, the most have girl/boyfriends so yeah) xDOhai There (Slightly Annoyed Foxy Chat Icon)

But still i hope u guys like this drawing even if I posted it so late! oh well YOLO! <--(That word tho, I can say that like a hundred times but noop. I live once yeah I know, but I forget to much stuff) CHICA INTENSIFIES chat icon Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon 

And this is one of my many OC's but here she is a Furry and not in a human form, I do tho draw her in a human form so just wait till u see her! 
Her name is Valliena(wal-ljena)! Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) 
I wish u all a nice day/night or what time u see this and I love all my WATCHERS!!! *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 

toy bonnie run  golden freddy run marionete run toy freddy  
Sally! by ChappieLove98
This is one of my OC's I'm drawing and I have a lot of them but I just don't show them. Kaori Eating Icon 

I hope u guys like it and if u do u can Fav it and if u want to see more u can always start to follow me! Kawaii Bonnie Cute Chat Icon

One thing I really hate drawing are backgrounds but this one, just WOW, I love it. I just didn't know that I could do that!  Kaori Cheering Icon 

I will show more of my background skills (that I don't have) and make more and hope that u guys like them. Kaori Happy Icon
Pearl by ChappieLove98
Hey guys!
Today i finished this drawing, i really love how it became it took me more than 7h to make this one!Steven Universe Pearl (Laughing)

I made her in my way so don't hate or judge that she doesn't look like how she looks in the series! Steven Universe Rose Quartz (Statue Crying) 
I'm kinda tired now!  GIF Steven Universe - Facetable 

This is a character from steven universe, her name pearl! She is really awesome but sometimes she is kinda creepy because she watches steven sleep xD

I hope you all guys like it and if you guys like it fav it or comment it, it mean a lot too me! :) Ene (Smile) [V7] 
Just a drawing by ChappieLove98
Just a drawing
I made this one today at in 10 min!
I made this one on my ipad! 
I hope you guys like it and a happy new year!

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